Friday, 9 January 2009

Post show blues 2 - illustration is easy

Illustration is easy

Creating illustration is easy (well it should be by now in your 3rd year) the difficult bit is getting business, the creative industry is diverse, and constantly changing with the whims of fashion and shifts in technology, it demands creativity, immense skill, business savvy, and a certain amount of sheer good fortune.

Illustration and design are fiercely competitive fields. Only people who are self motivated and determined will last. Its a cliche but (a true one) you will only get out what you put in; you need to invest in yourselves.

Keep promoting your work, tirelessly, you will need to push passed all the other graduates that are leaving or have left in past years PLUS you are now in competition with all the professionals too. It's a marathon not a sprint, pace your self, but keep going.

It’s important to keep creating your own self generated ideas and projects even when you leave college as these are your creative life blood. This continues to make you who you are as opposed to what others would like you to be and it enables you to move on and grow creatively.

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