Friday, 9 January 2009


“Our aim should be to retain the highest possible level of artistic expression within the framework of whatever we happen to be working on. Ephemera it may be, but it is reproduced by the tens of thousands and seen by a far wider audience than most fine artists could ever hope to reach. This fact alone provides us with a terrific responsibility to produce work of a high quality … In my own work I’ve found it invaluable to set time aside to make pictures for their own sake. I’ve found time after time that this has had the effect of revitalising my commercial work. It is in effect an area of research where I can explore new ideas and media, while at the same time trying to produce pictures which stand in their own right, and transcend the level of ephemera. It’s important, though, that this area of work is not regarded as something fundamentally different from applied work.” Dan Fern, Illustrator, 1990.

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