Wednesday, 9 September 2009

AOI Business Classes

Master Classes for Illustrators Thursdays from 27 August to 5 November 2009 6pm – 9pm – Cockpit Arts (Holborn) off Cockpit Yard, Northington Street, London WC1N 2NP This course will guide you through the various steps of the business start up process. In a series of practical workshops you will develop knowledge and skills essential for self-employment. You will learn about sources of support, business planning, and long-term vision. You will find out how to develop a market for your work, present your portfolio and develop confidence and negotiation techniques. You will understand the importance of tax, how to get paid and key legal issues such as generating income from your copyright and the use of contracts. By the end of the master classes you will have gained the confidence and tools to work as a freelance illustrator and draft a 18 month business plan. The Master Classes are open to AOI associate members, recent illustration graduates and people working as freelance illustrators that feel the need to fill knowledge and skills gaps. The workshops will be run by Alison Branagan - Creative Consultant for the Visual Arts and Creative Industries, Fig Taylor – AOI Portfolio consultant and sefl promotion expert and renowned Ilustrator, Rod Hunt, illustrator and AOI board member. “Invaluable. It has provided really useful information”. Caragh Jackson, 2008 Business Masterclass attendee. “I learnt so much about the practicalities of being an illustrator and starting out, it has been so helpful. My confidence and ambition has grown 10 fold. This is what I want to do and now I know I can.” Ellie Smith, 2008 Business Masterclass attendee.

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