Monday, 9 February 2009

Andy Martin on roughs and ideas

Ok so after a busy two days in the studio with Mr Andy Martin
the 3rd years have made some great work, which I'll post on the ill-us-tra-shun site later.
In the meanwhile here are some of his words of wisdom relating to roughs and ideas:

Andy Martin Top Tips on roughs and ideas


o Get the ideas down on paper. It doesn’t matter if you can draw particularly well (or if drawing is eventually incorporated into the image) Drawing is the quickest way to express / convey an idea.

o Generate as many as possible, do this in the format you have been given to work in, as this will affect the ideas you generate.


o Do a few but send /present them one at a time to the client/art director.

o Consider the psychology of which order to present the roughs, some times it might help to show a weaker rough along side one you really like in order to get the one you favour through.

o If you really only have one idea (which is not a good starting point !) at least go to the trouble of having versions of this idea to show.

o If you have an image with multiple ideas within it, extract all the ideas and create multiple images with a single idea in each.

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